240-280z Coilover - Tokico Illumina Inserts & Qa1 Springs

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Custom S30 Series Coilovers!

Threaded Machined tube to accept Tokico Illumina BZ3099 and BZ3015 Inserts.
Package Includes:
Gland Nuts, QA1 2.50 Springs in your choice of Spring Rate Front and Rear. Spring Seat/Lock Rings and Adjustment tools included. Camber Plates can be added if needed. Strut housing are Nickle Plated for added rust protection. Can be Powder Coated for additional cost.

*Please note, price does not include spindle core. Also allow atleast 3 weeks.
once your spindles arrive for machining and assembly. Cores can be sourced if needed, please contact for additional price.